Relationship Deal Breakers Based On Your Zodiac Sign

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Common deal breakers dating

Being bulls, Taureans hold themselves with pride. Any form of disrespect shown towards them, even light-heartedly, would not be taken well. Geminis are the most social of the lot. Cancerians do not like to keep secrets. They invest deeply in their partners and would like to have as much reciprocation.

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Photo Credit: iStock. By Caithlin Pena. So is it really you, or is it actually them? It could be your zodiac sign, or rather, the dominant personalities exhibited by your zodiac sign. Find out what your deal-breaker is and why you may or may not have dumped your ex. Aries March 21 – April 19 : Aries are independent, driven, and enthusiastic go-getters. Gemini May 21 – June 20 : Gemini is the most mischievous and fun-loving of the signs, and they love to talk.

They prefer someone who can keep up with their witty and imaginative mind, and who are perfectly fine being on their own while Gemini goes off to make more friends. Cancer June 21 – July 22 : Cancer is the most dependable, loyal and caring of the signs. Leo July 23 – August 22 : Leos love the spotlight and being admired. They bask and thrive in admiration, and as their partner, they would love for you to do that.

Virgo August 23 – September 22 : Virgos are practical, responsible, and meticulous.

Here’s Your Top Relationship Deal-Breaker (Him & Her), Based On Your Sign

You may be the type who feels very laid back when it comes to dating. Yes, there are many of us who are pretty chill when it comes to the guys we will go on a couple dates with. But when it comes to real commitment, everyone has their deal breakers.

It’s why we all have deal-breakers when it comes to dating, regardless of our zodiac signs. They may be different, but the fact of the matter is.

No matter how much you love the person, you will never look at them the same way if they ever disrespected you, even jokingly. You have a lot of friends and acquaintances and you need a partner who is able to put up with this kind of social pressure. Someone who is unfriendly or quiet will not match your outgoing and gregarious personality.

You want a partner who is on the same page and gets your goals and dreams but also has their own. You like to be surrounded by good vibes and good energy and being with someone who drains you is out of the question for you. Lying is a deal breaker for you and probably the fastest way to lose you — even if it was just a white lie.

Each Zodiac Sign Has One Major Relationship Deal-breaker, Here’s Yours

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each sign wont tolerate in a relationship, here’s a list of “zodiac deal breakers.” Your Birth Date Surprisingly Reveals A Lot About Your Personality, Know.

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Your Relationship Deal Breaker, According To Your Zodiac Sign

Deal breakers are serious and should never be ignored. An Aries could never stand to date a couch potato, while the Gemini could never maintain a long-term relationship with a boring individual. Then there are the Libras of the world, who simply hope to meet a kind-hearted person to fall in love with.

As it turns out, our zodiac signs can determine a lot about our dating life, and our relationship deal Relationship Deal Breakers Based On Your Zodiac Sign.

Relationships are bound with both happy and sad moments. At some point, you feel too happy to be with your partner and sometimes something happens that totally breaks your mind. Of course, nobody is perfect and we all have some kinds of flaws in us that may make our partner offended. At some point, you may find something in your partner that will be just unforgivable for you. These are called relationship dealbreakers when you cannot accept the trait of your partner.

Sometimes, these dealbreakers become extremely annoying for us to tackle. But knowing them based on zodiac traits may help us to know the dealbreakers properly.

Zodiac sign matchmaking

Everyone’s experience in relationships is different, and while there may be similarities, no one’s is exactly the same. Some of us get dumped more than we do the dumping, some of us can’t help but go back to our old bad habits again and again, and some of us would rather be single than date anyone less than perfect. Sometimes, we blame the other person, but we might also recognize our part in the breakup of a relationship.

Well, what if it’s both? And what if your zodiac sign has something to do with it?

6 dating deal breakers for your zodiac sign by Main page, released 24 December Dating Dealbreakers Click here.

Face it, many of us have real high standards in our daily life and it’s pretty much agreeable for all of us that we end up with a partner that suits us just right. As it turns out, our zodiac signs can determine a lot about our dating life, and our relationship deal breakers. Are you still searching for your life purpose? You won’t believe what the science of Numerology can reveal about you! That’s right, the numerology of your birth dat e , regardless of what month you were born, can reveal surprising information about your personality.

Unlock the messages hidden in your Personality Code now with your free personalized video report! Below you will find a list of relationship deal breakers for each Zodiac sign. Hopefully this information can be helpful for you in the future. You’re self-assured and a goal-oriented person and need to be surrounded by people with similar traits. If you’re not quite so driven, you’re likely not an ideal match for Aries.

12 relationship deal breakers based on your zodiac sign

Source: Higher Perspective. Face it, many of us have really high standards in our daily life and it’s pretty much agreeable for all of us that we end up with a partner that suits us just right. As it turns out, our zodiac signs can determine a lot about our dating life, and our relationship deal breakers. You’re self-assured and a goal-oriented person and need to be surrounded by people with similar traits.

For instance, some people refuse to date someone who’s possessive, while a partner who’s lazy is a surefire swipe left for others. While the top.

We know attraction matters. We know chemistry matters. We know that whether or not your potential S. Understanding Zodiac sign love pairings , and how each Zodiac sign acts in love, is key. To help us, we recruited the celestial aid of N. So sit back, have some truffles handy, and learn just a little bit more about your partner than you already found out from their Instagram. As the known warrior of the Zodiac, and a Fire sign, Aries can be irresistibly passionate , driven, and slightly impulsive.

Competitive, and a bit independent, Aries will do anything to win you over—unless they get bored. If you are looking for loyalty and stability along with a good meal, look no further than a Taurus. If you need a good communicator to make you happy, look no further than a Gemini. Represented by the sign of the Twins, Geminis are very social, and blend well into any dynamic. Homebodies looking for a snuggle and a good cry, look no further than a Cancer.

As a Water sign ruled by the Moon, Cancers are very emotional beings who can fall in love quickly. Their biggest deal breakers : Safety is key for the Crab.

Reveal Your Sign’s Dating Dealbreaker

Many of us have relationship dealbreakers, or certain things we absolutely will not tolerate in a romantic partner. For instance, some people refuse to date someone who’s possessive, while a partner who’s lazy is a surefire swipe left for others. While the top romantic dealbreakers vary from person to person, knowing your zodiac sign can bring some added insight into what you won’t put up with, based on your personality traits. And thankfully, astrology can also reveal the type of partner you’d be compatible with — and the ones to stay away from.

While you shouldn’t use your zodiac sign as an excuse for being the way you are, you can use astrology to help you understand yourself and others — and make better decisions moving forward. And, paying attention to astrology can be especially helpful when you’re dating and looking for love.

Jan 26, – Dating Deal Breakers For Your Zodiac Sign! by #​Libra #Taurus #Aquarius #CancerFacts #GeminiFacts #VirgoFacts.

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One-sentence Descriptions Of Deal-breakers In Relationships For Each Zodiac Sign

Dating deal breakers for your zodiac sign. Having a pisces male, based on your romantic turn-off based on your romantic turn-off based on what your relationship red flags. Problems arise, based on traveling the last minute, dream analysis, which decides the least likely to read about our zodiac sign.

Relationship Deal breakers – What each zodiac sign will never tolerate in a relationship. Top Dating and Relationship Deal Breakers For Each Zodiac Sign​.

According to various surveys, bad hygiene and poor manners are amongst the most common relationship killers. Astrology has a huge influence on what you find attractive and unattractive for that matter, so let’s take a look at your sign’s biggest deal breaker. Discover what men find attractive according to their zodiac signs. Each sign of the zodiac has a specific list of relationship deal breakers that they would never put up with.

What’s your story?. You need someone much more attentive. What kind of ex is your zodiac sign? Laziness- Taurus people are naturally hard workers and love getting ahead in life. Gym buffs- Being in shape and taking care of ourselves is definitely vital but leading a balanced lifestyle is even more important. People who don’t like kids- Cancer people are natural homebodies and love spending lots of quality time with their families.

Having children and building a real family foundation is typically something that Cancers regard as very important.